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Pharmacies | 01.10.19 | minute(s) reading time
New: Reduction of False Negative percentage using Vibromatic

Bo Kimkes

Marketing Specialist ZiuZ Medical

In order to optimize the detection and matching of pills, we are continuously improving the algorithm. However, there will always be situations where the algorithm cannot make a safe decision. The most important point here is that pills overlap each other. This is strongly related to the type of film, the type of packaging robot and the type of medication. A vibration solution can ensure that the individual pills are exposed in the medication bags. Until recently, ZiuZ Medical was very cautious with adding and offering a vibration solution, because ZiuZ Medical considered the hitherto known techniques to pose too many risks, such as pills becoming damaged or bags that could tear.


Langemaat Ontwikkeling & Techniek (LO&T bv) from the Netherlands, however, has developed a unique and patented technology to spread pills in the bags with a minimal risk of damage to medication and film, the Vibromatic. The results regarding the matching of pills are very positive. Depending on the customer’s situation, this has shown that this can result in a reduction of 20% to 50% of the False Negative percentage.


Meanwhile, more than 20 systems have now been linked to a ZiuZ Photon in use in several countries in Europe. This success has led to a partnership between LO&T bv and ZiuZ Medical.

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