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Pharmacies | 20.09.19 | minute(s) reading time
Newsletter ZiuZ Medical – September 2019

Bo Kimkes

Marketing Specialist ZiuZ Medical


September 2019

Twice a year, ZiuZ Medical sends a newsletter to keep you informed of developments at ZiuZ Medical and to share experiences of customers and distributors. Please let us know if you miss any topics or if are you are interested in being included in the newsletter as a customer or partner.

In this edition, we inform you about the latest software releases and the Vibromatic as an additional product in further improving patient safety. Also read about our approach in developing the next generation of inspection systems using Hyperspectral Imaging. Our client the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen shares its experience with Photon XT and our CEO gives a picture of the market trends we see globally. Finally, at the bottom of the newsletter, we list the upcoming events where ZiuZ Medical will be present.

Photon Release
1.9, 1.10 & 1.11

IRIS Release

In the past six months there have been three major Photon software releases: releases 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11. A large number of new features have now become available. Read more here…

We have completed the development work for the new release of the IRIS Studio and the first field tests were started in September. The official release is expected in late October 2019. Read more here…

Message from the CEO

Bert Garlich
CEO ZiuZ Visual Intelligence

The market for ‘pouch medication’ is growing steadily. More and more pharmacists and patients are discovering its benefits and the availability of technological tools for the safe manufacture of medicine bags has reached a mature level. Even in countries where, until recently, the repackaging of medication was prohibited (e.g. in Italy). Read more…

ZiuZ Photon XT in practice at the WZA

‘ZiuZ Photon XT is an integrated part of the production process for guaranteeing medication safety’ – Sanne Geling, WZA

Since 2018, the Pharmacy of the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen safeguards the safety of users of GDS medication even better by using ZiuZ Photon XT. Sanne Geling, Pharmacist, and Monique Bazuin, Head of Pharmaceutical Patient Care Institutions, tell their story…

Hyperspectral imaging:
ZiuZ solves the look-alike problem

Johan van Duijne has been working as a Product Manager at ZiuZ Medical since 2016. We asked him about his vision.

Johan, you have now been working for 3.5 years at ZiuZ, what is your biggest challenge in further improving patient safety?
I originally came from another industry, but which also used different types of vision technology. What strikes me at ZiuZ is that we have the most reliable and accurate vision technology in house for detecting and identifying pills. What remains is that we, and no one in this market, are able to distinguish two white pills of 10 mm from each other. Read more…

New: Reduction of False Negative percentage using Vibromatic

In order to optimize the detection and matching of pills, we are continuously improving the algorithm. However, there will always be situations where the algorithm cannot make a safe decision. The most important point here is that pills overlap each other. This is strongly related to the type of film, the type of packaging robot and the type of medication. A vibration solution can ensure that the individual pills are exposed in the medication bags. Read more…

Upcoming Events

–   Expopharm, Düsseldorf, Germany from 25 – 28 september 2019
  In collaboration with
 BD Rowa and Black & Shepard
–   PSoJ, Kobe, Japan from 17-19 oktober 2019
  Stand number 55

–   CMEF, Qindoa, China from 19 – 22 oktober 2019

    In collaboration with 
Takazono China
–   ASHP Midyear, Las Vegas, USA from 8 t/m 12 december 2019

  In collaboration with Parata/ TCGRx

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