Pharma Automation | 19.12.22 | minute(s) reading time
Software release MedInspect 3.11

Dirk-Jan Nieuwsma

Product Manager

At the start of 2022, we launched our new next-level inspection workflow software platform, MedInspect! Now, we’re excited to introduce a new release: MedInspect 3.11.0. With this updated version, ZiuZ is adding new features to MedInspect to improve patient safety in the pharmacy.


Based on customer feedback, quite some valuable improvements have been made to the User Interface to help prevent human errors during the viewing process while optimizing the processing speed. The dual-screen viewing mode, with the calendar view helping the user to analyze trends in the pouch inspection process and the bag view to look for details, has been enhanced with multiple essential features. Some examples are: showing detailed algorithm analysis details in the bag view, rotating images in the bag view in steps of 90 degrees, and images in the calendar view can be enlarged for better viewing. Click on the link below to read all improvements.


Next, the look-a-like medication inspection method has been enhanced significantly by adding a ‘similar visual overview’ to MedInspect. This overview enables the viewer to create a report by which the risk of lookalike medication can be assessed individually, meaning lowering the risk of medication errors and improving patient safety further. For advanced data analysis and sharing it with other IT systems, the ZiuZ PA REST API has been fully integrated, and the Analytics dashboards and tooling have been embedded in MedInspect.


Lastly, we have added a feature for vial (stock bottle) scanning within the pouch correction process. Via this feature, the user needs to scan a vial ID to check if the right vial/stock bottle is used for correction.

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