Pharma Automation | 01.05.23 | minute(s) reading time
Software release MedInspect 3.12

Dirk-Jan Nieuwsma

Product Manager

A new software release has been launched that promises to make pouch inspection more efficient and effective. The latest version of the software includes a range of features that are designed to help users streamline their pouch inspection processes.


Training and Validation license
A new key feature is the separate Test and Validation mode of MedInspect. This feature allows users to train (new) users on the software using test data or copies of replay real data. Also, new software releases can be pre-validated without upgrading the production systems.


Batch change while running ApolloZ
This feature allows users to combine multiple smaller batches on one big reel. The aim is to save time and increase efficiency. Via setting, one can choose to auto-continue at batch change or stop and ask the user to confirm continuation (for example allowing the user to switch trays).


Improved bag detail window
The presentation of the bag overview has been updated to improve the process of checking pouches. Based on feedback from our users, we made improvements to the checkboxes in the bag details, which are now larger in size. This improves the ease of use, efficiency and helps to avoid checking the wrong box. Besides this, the ApolloZ operator touchscreen has also been updated. The touchscreen will display a counter, the total number of expected bags, and a progress bar.



Thumbnail View

MedInspect 3.12


Enhanced bag export functionality
From the viewer screen, the user can export bag details like the images of the pouch and all the related data for that bag. To make it easier to forward this data, like sending this to patients requesting more information about a specific bag, the user can now select which data fields need to be exported and which are not filed.

Overall, the new software release offers a range of features that are designed to make bag inspection faster, more efficient, and more effective than ever before. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this release is a valuable and free update for all ApolloZ, IRIS and Photon users. Contact ZiuZ support or your local ZiuZ representative for more information.

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