Pharma Automation | 27.06.24 | minute(s) reading time
ZiuZ introduces Hyperspectral module in the ApolloZ!

Dirk-Jan Nieuwsma

Product manager

A new era in patient safety has begun. ZiuZ introduces Hyperspectral module in the ApolloZ!


Your patient’s medication just got even safer.

Introducing: Hyperspectral Imaging for automated pouch checking. This groundbreaking patented technology enables you to recognize the medication’s fingerprint – even for the most generic white and round medication.
Reducing the risk of non-detected medication swap (LASA related) and medication errors by 80%, with the same high speed that you expect from the ApolloZ.

Why hyperspectral

Up until now, automated medication inspection was able to check pills for size, shape and color.
While this has been a vast improvement compared to manually checking pouches, nowadays with the surge of round and white generic tablets, checking on shapes and colors just isn’t sufficiently safe anymore.


Most cameras – like the human eye – see visible light in three wavelengths. We observe these as red, green and blue.
Hyperspectral Imaging utilizes the light spectrum beyond what’s visible.
With a hyperspectral camera, combined with a light source, we can now analyze the infrared response of an object.
This technology enables us to distinguish between different medications, based on their unique chemical compositions.


As of July 2024, Hyperspectral Imaging can be pre-ordered from ZiuZ.


Click here for more information about ApolloZ with HIS module

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