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Mise à jour du projet AviaTor

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

Dans le bulletin précédent, nous vous avons présenté le projet AviaTor. Ce projet, financé par le Fonds pour la sécurité intérieure – Police de l’Union européenne, vise à développer des outils d’automatisation et de renseignement afin de réduire considérablement le temps consacré par les LEA (organismes chargés de l’application de la loi) au traitement, à l’évaluation et à la hiérarchisation des rapports du NCMEC.


The AviaTor project started in January this year and will run until December of the coming year. Meanwhile, the project consortium, consisting of the Dutch and Belgian police, the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), INHOPE and the commercial partners Web-IQ and ZiuZ, is well on its way to releasing the first version of the AviaTor system.


The role of the Dutch and Belgian police is crucial in the project. They provide the consortium with the specific knowledge of the problem at hand from an LEA perspective, their functional requirements, the relevant legislative restrictions and the necessary feedback on the AviaTor system.


To ensure the delivery of a scalable and broadly accepted system at the end of the project, ZiuZ and Web-IQ interviewed 14 additional, mostly European, LEAs that are interested in affiliating with the project. They provided input on their current process, its strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for the AviaTor system.


The first version of AviaTor will be made available to both the LEAs in the project and the affiliated LEAs in Q4 of this year. This version will contain amongst other things: the possibility of receiving NCMEC reports from Europol and directly from NCMEC through the VPN, PhotoDNA hash calculation and matching, the creation of video summaries and OSINT on the reported account.


If you are an LEA representative and are interested in affiliating your agency with this project, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

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