ZiuZ Code of Conduct and Ethics

Mission statement

ZiuZ is an innovative and sustainable company that develops and produces high-tech products that have a worldwide impact by helping solve societal problems, primarily through the use of visual intelligence technology.

ZiuZ Core Values

The core values and our core rules for the way of working at ZiuZ are:

  • Stay curious and ask questions
  • Act transparent, discuss mistakes
  • Aim for the highest quality possible
  • Trust and keep developing yourself
  • Laugh at least 6 times a day
  • Talk to each other instead of about each other
  • Be customer oriented, but dare to say no
  • Act responsible, think sustainable
  • Think long term, act now
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For whom and why?

We apply the ZiuZ Code of Conduct and Ethics to the whole workforce of ZiuZ and we strive to apply the ZiuZ Code to all our stakeholders (amongst others our shareholder, suppliers, distributors, and customers). With this code we want to show what we expect from our own people, but also what we expect from our business partners. ZiuZ has a code of conduct & ethics to help our organization understand what the core values and rules for the way of working mean to us and what type of behavior we expect from each other. It provides concrete rules and guidelines on how we work and how we interact with each other and all our stakeholders.


The ZiuZ Code is structured in three parts.


How we treat each other.


How we do business.


Upholding the ZiuZ code.

1. How we treat each other

ZiuZ stands for respect and equal opportunity. In employment-related issues ZiuZ decides on job requirements and qualifications only. Personal characteristics such as age, ethnicity, color, origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression do not contribute in any way in our decision-making. ZiuZ does not tolerate discrimination in any form whatsoever.

ZiuZ stands for a safe environment and there is no place in that for (sexual) harassment or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

  • Commit to a safe and inclusive workplace for everyone.

    ZiuZ expects respectful behavior toward guests, co-workers, supervisors and third parties and correct, friendly, and customer-oriented behavior.

  • Respect each other’s differences.
  • Refrain from inappropriate behavior.

    Refrain from inappropriate behavior such as discrimination, harassment (sexual or otherwise), aggression, violence, and bullying.

    Discrimination means conduct by which a person makes a distinction between persons based on religion, belief, political affiliation, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or chronic illness. The purpose or effect of the distinction is to violate the dignity of the person affected, especially if it creates a threatening, insulting, humiliating or offensive situation.

    Sexual harassment means any form of verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct with sexual connotation that has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of the person, particularly when creating a threatening, hostile, offensive, humiliating or offensive situation.

    Aggression and violence mean incidents in which someone is psychologically or physically harassed, threatened, or attacked in a work-related situation.

    Bullying is defined as: all forms of intimidating behavior of a structural nature, by one or more team members aimed at another team member or group of team members who cannot or do not defend themselves against this behavior.

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  • ZiuZ respects freedom of speech.

    Nevertheless: expressions, also on social media, that may bring ZiuZ and/or any other person into disrepute or damage their good name are not tolerated.

  • Express concerns and complaints if you experience or observe inappropriate behavior or other violations of the ZiuZ Code.

    For our workforce we have our Staff Handbook for more specific rules. For external stakeholders we refer to ZiuZ’s QA Manager.

  • In cases involving (threats of) violence.

    In cases involving (threats of) violence, alert your Direct Manager (for ZiuZ’ employees), alert the Quality Assurance manager at ZiuZ or submit a complaint procedure as indicated on our corporate website (for external stakeholders) and, if necessary, external emergency services.

  • Respect each other’s position.
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2. How we do business

ZiuZ has always had a distinct reputation in the markets in which it operates. This is only possible with a workforce and other stakeholders who make this possible and propagate that themselves.  

ZiuZ stands for corporate sustainability. ZiuZ wants to contribute in the best way possible to a better tomorrow.  Our guiding principle is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and the society in which we live. This enables us to offer sustainable solutions. 

In all our business activities, we operate in accordance with the law. We act fairly, with integrity and discipline. We are understanding and respectful to our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and vice versa. We respect the environment, and the society in which we live and work. This leads to the following rules of conduct in how we (want to) do business and what we expect from our business partners. 

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3. How to uphold the code

Raise concerns 

ZiuZ takes the ZiuZ Code of Conduct seriously and therefore will act in case of violations of the ZiuZ Code.

Nevertheless, it hinges on the active and sincere involvement of everyone involved with ZiuZ.

It is therefore extremely important that issues are reported so appropriate action can be taken. Report suspected wrongdoing. When in doubt talk to the appropriate person. Internal (employees) and external stakeholders can turn to the ZiuZ QA Manager or the external counselor. Employees can also turn to their supervisor.

We value people that raise their genuine concerns. Therefore, retaliation against people who raise concerns, will not be tolerated and is a violation of the ZiuZ Code itself.

How to raise concerns?

When it comes to inappropriate behavior it is very important to take appropriate action. Appropriate action means:

  1. If possible: address each other about inappropriate behavior in a respectful manner if you feel safe to do so.
  2. For internal stakeholders: report inappropriate behavior to either a supervisor, ZiuZ QA Manager, or ZiuZ’s external counselor.
  3. For external stakeholders: report inappropriate behavior to ZiuZ’s QA Manager or submit a complaint procedure as indicated on our corporate website.

Violations of the code 

A violation of the ZiuZ Code will in any case result at least in having a conversation with those involved to prevent future violations.

Depending on the severity of the violation, disciplinary actions, or sanctions may follow.

A report will be made to the authorities in the event of a breach of law, fraudulent acts, or the theft or unauthorized usage of business assets, in particular CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) within our Forensic Investigations business and Opiates within our Pharma Automation business.