ZiuZ ApolloZ

ZiuZ ApolloZ

ApolloZ helps to improve patient safety and achieves higher efficiency and higher overall quality. ZiuZ developed ApolloZ, the next-generation medication dispensing checking device for the mid-to-high-volume blister centers and hospital pharmacies.

Input, throughput, and output are in perfect balance. The reel with pouches can be loaded quickly onto ApolloZ, keeping downtime to the bare minimum. Using an ultrasonic sensor, Apolloz reduces the number of missed images to a minimum and maximizes the cut precision. The transport system feeds the pouches controlled and as flat as possible into the optimized camera system that takes high-res photos (color and infrared). The dome light eliminates shadows and reflections, detecting medicine crumbs as small as 1 mm2. Any tension on the foil is avoided. ApolloZ has as few mechanical parts as possible, preventing jams and errors. The winder's new pin and bridge system improves the medication roll quality. The tray platform can be adjusted in height and orientation. The tray can also be removed to integrate ApolloZ into personalized transport systems.

ApolloZ is ready for the future.


Production speed: 8000 pouches per hour.
Maximum transport speed: >17000 pouches per hour.

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