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The world encounters new challenges in the battle against CSAM. The volume of material for digital forensic investigation increases exponentially, as more and more cases are being reported than ever before. We need to find new promising ways to elevate image forensics and video forensic analysis and empower CSAM investigations. This is exactly what our next-level platform Fenoz offers. With Fenoz, we are entering a decisive era: web-based technology and AI unleash powerful new tools for digital forensic investigators.

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Core Features

High Speed Processing in digital forensic investigations.
High Speed Processing High speed processing
Fenoz allows you to process unlimited amounts of data at extremely high speeds.
Infinitely increase the performance of CSAM investigations with Fenoz.
Fenoz: the next generation CSAM Investigations software allows you to infinitely increase the performance of your digital forensic investigations. Infinitely scalable
Self-contained systems allow you to balance the data load and infinitely increase performance. Your hardware budget is the only limit.
The next generation CSAM Investigations software Fenoz is Cloud-ready! With Fenoz, digital forensic investigators can conduct Image forensics and video forensic analysis faster.
The next generation CSAM Investigations software Fenoz is Cloud-ready! Web-based technology
Fenoz's intuitive interface facilitates an effortless workflow. It's Cloud-ready, enabling users to easily migrate.
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Icon – smart filtering Smart filtering and AI classifiers
Fenoz allows you to sift through images, classify them, and find the material that matters.
Ready to enter the future? Join forces in the fight against CSAM!

Building the future together

Fenoz is the most powerful and decisive solution in the joint effort against CSAM. Fueled by new technology and more than a decade of (user) experience and international projects,  it gives you the key to success, with the confidence of a reputable partner. We continuously add new features based on your feedback and that of other customers to improve Fenoz. We cover everything from advanced image forensics to high-tech forensic video analysis. Together we are shaping the future.

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Cor Mulder, Business Unit Manager ZiuZ Forensic Investigations.
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Here you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about:

Fenoz is a groundbreaking solution in digital forensic investigation, built on decades of experience. The Fenoz suite includes invaluable tools for image forensics and CSAM investigations. They enable investigators to process unlimited amounts of visual data at high speeds. Its web-based interface is easy to use and easily accessible for investigators. It allows them to work together on cases, building trusted hash libraries and classifying images and videos as fast as possible. Fenoz offers a wide variety of tools. They range from automated hash-matching to AI-generated filtering and sorting options. Investigators can use Fenoz for both image forensics and forensic video analysis.

Fenoz is used by law enforcement, special police forces, governmental departments as well as private investigators.

Unlike other products in the market, Fenoz is the result of the inputs and insights gathered from over 45 law enforcement agencies across Europe. It is backed by more than two decades of expertise in the field of CSAM investigation. Fenoz equips law enforcement organizations to tackle the future challenges of this crime area. Fenoz supports them in processing and analyzing an ever-growing number of images, videos, and CSAM cases.

The price of Fenoz depends on the version that you choose. Each version offers different functionalities and a different number of concurrent users, with prices starting from € 1,250. Contact your account manager to explore the version that best suits your organization’s needs.

In theory, Fenoz can operate with any hardware. Depending on your situation, you might need extra hardware. But the beauty of Fenoz lies in its scalability and adaptability to your needs. If you work at a small police department with a few cases and small data volumes, Fenoz can be operated on one server.

If your data or case numbers grow, now or later, you can add more hardware or servers. You can assign heavy tasks or modules, such as video processing, to a dedicated server. This makes the system faster by enabling parallel processing. To further improve speed, you can distribute one task across many servers. Alternatively, you can use special hardware, such as a high-end GPU.

Admins can access tools and dashboards to check the system and detect anything that slows down performance. This helps them assess the benefits of adding extra hardware. Plus, users can add extra hardware to process large cases and then scale the system back down after the cases are closed.

With Fenoz, your hardware budget determines your system performance.

At ZiuZ, we take great pride in cultivating a strong bond of trust with our users. Every version of Fenoz is delivered with software updates, access to the training portal and dedicated personal support through e-mail.

Depending on the Fenoz version you choose, you can receive support by telephone or on-site assistance. Additionally, you can submit requests for changes (RFCs). Our team of experienced consultants assists with various aspects, including installation, user inquiries, and updates. We go beyond providing support. We guide stakeholders on how to best implement our systems to meet their needs.

Fenoz is Cloud-ready, enabling users to easily migrate to a private cloud environment. To obtain information on how to migrate to a private cloud environment, contact our support department.

Every third-party tool can be integrated into Fenoz. This allows us to improve Fenoz’s capabilities in any digital forensic investigation.

We develop Fenoz with an API first approach. We execute every action within the system through an Application Programming Interface. This API is accessible to external partners. It enables integration with various applications, such as artificial intelligence, extra options for image forensics or data analysis tools. We will gladly partner with any supplier to accommodate your needs. Our mission is to support your working processes!

Since CSAM investigation is a worldwide effort, Fenoz supports multiple languages. Fenoz is currently available in English, German, and French.

Fenoz is versatile, catering to both individual investigators and teams. Depending on your organization’s setup and requirements, we provide assistance in configuring collaborative teamwork setups. We allow multiple users across different regions or states to work seamlessly on a case. The premium version is designed to accommodate more than 100 users.

There are several ways to collaborate with other departments or police forces.

For example, we have a multiuser version of Fenoz. In this version, the server(s) and data can be in a central location. All different departments can access this central location with their browser.

If this is not possible, or you would like to work with other digital forensic investigation LEAs in the same country or across borders, you can still exchange data. Users can export and import case data from different locations. Users can also exchange hash lists from their hash library. This allows them to speed up the handling times by automatically classifying known hashes.

ZiuZ Forensic Investigation engages in the fight against CSAM every day. Not only with Fenoz, but also through several partner projects. These projects create a streamlined ecosystem, allowing investigators, analysts, enforcement agencies, and government bodies to tackle CSAM investigations from all angles.

Both Fenoz and Vizx2 share a common focus on classifying material in a secure and reliable manner. Additionally, Fenoz offers investigators enhanced speed, scalability and a broader set of tools.

Vizx2 supports investigators in analyzing large amounts of images and videos. What’s more, Fenoz can also process unlimited amounts of data at extremely high speeds.

Fenoz provides sophisticated digital forensic investigation tools to simplify investigators’ work. CSAM investigation tools range from advanced image forensics to high-speed forensic video analysis. Unlike Vizx2, which is a desktop application, Fenoz stands out as web-based software. Fenoz is designed for infinite scalability. Both Fenoz and Vizx2 feature their own AI solutions, but Fenoz does more. It also lets you integrate AI tools from other companies.

We will discontinue VizX2 after we incorporate all the current functionalities of VizX2 into Fenoz. Afterwards, VizX2 will no longer receive updates with new functionalities. At the same time, RFCs will only be developed in Fenoz, not in VizX2. Fenoz is a high-end successor to VizX2, allowing users to do everything they did before, and much more.

We are releasing Fenoz one module at a time. Fenoz Image, which is used in image forensics to evaluate and classify images, has already been released. Fenoz Video, which is focused on forensic video analysis, will be released in early 2024. In 2024, ZiuZ Forensic Investigation will develop extra modules to create an expansive set of tools to tackle any CSAM investigation. The first modules will include Fenoz Reports, Fenoz Hash Library, case/evidence management and user management.

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High Speed Processing in digital forensic investigations. High speed processing

Digital Forensic Investigation specialists need to handle massive quantities of material. We designed Fenoz to ensure speed and reliability. This goes beyond making sure that digital forensic evidence items are processed as fast as possible. It is also about making sure users can do their job as effectively as possible.

In Fenoz, we focus on making relevant info available to investigators as soon as possible. This way, investigators can start their image forensics and forensic video analysis at the earliest moment.

Fenoz allows you to process unlimited amounts of data at extremely high speeds.

How do we ensure high-speed processing in CSAM investigations with Fenoz?

1 The architecture
To increase Fenoz’s speed of processing, we selected the most appropriate architecture. The architecture gives our customers the flexibility to increase processing power when needed. The system can be tailored to our customers’ needs. Click here to find out more about Fenoz’s architecture.

2 Artificial intelligence
The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Fenoz further assists in speeding up tasks for users. In all AI developments, ZiuZ will ensure that the forensic investigator remains in control. Click here to find out more about Fenoz’s AI features.

3 Smart processing
To further increase speed, we have introduced tiered processing. For instance, in Fenoz image, the processing of an image can be divided into five tiers:

  • Tier 1: exact hash matching using MD5 or SHA1;
  • Tier 2: fuzzy hash matching using PhotoDNA;
  • Tier 3: extract EXIF information;
  • Tier 4: feature calculation (e.g. visual similarity, face, skin detection, logo’s, etc.);
  • Tier 5: AI classification.

Tier 1 will need the least computer resources, while tier 5 will need the most. We show investigators initial results as soon as they become available, to save time. We also give hash matching a more prominent role during the import of files from evidence. When we find an exact match of a file we already imported, the processing of that file can stop immediately. As investigators process more cases, they will have to work on fewer and fewer files. This will increase the speed of importing files.

Save the time of CSAM digital forensic investigators with Fenoz

In Fenoz, digital forensic investigators select the tiers that will be executed by default or on demand. This can save considerable time in the processing of a case. The same principles will also apply to other types of evidence like video, audio, and text. To further optimize speed and reliability, in Fenoz we:

  • Optimize Video processing for GPUs and scalability,
  • Improve invariance to resolution and size,
  • Identify and handle Damaged videos,
  • Improve user experience specific to videos.
Infinitely increase the performance of CSAM investigations with Fenoz. Infinitely scalable image forensics and forensic video analysis

Fenoz contains a selection of independent components, so-called Self-Contained Systems (SCS). Each SCS handles one task within the platform. An SCS is a package that can run on its own, with its logic, front-end, data storage, and tests and can scale independently. Fenoz’s architecture makes scaling a lot easier and enables parallel and asynchronous processing. This enhances the image forensics and forensic video analysis process.

With Fenoz, our customers are able to scale their system to tailor it to their needs.

The benefits of the SCS in Fenoz

SCSs operate independently of each other. Information comes in through a message, the system does its work and sends a message back to all other SCSs. The main advantages of the Self Contained Systems are:

  • Adjustments are easy to tackle. Having a collection of smaller SCSs results in a centralized business logic. This makes it easier to identify where changes are needed within the relevant SCS.
  • Reduced complexity: every SCS is lighter on business logic. This makes testing easier and faster.
  • Independent releases of new features. We'll release and update SCSs one by one, easing the process of updating digital forensics features.
  • Frequent updates. We expect to be able to release changes more often and as soon as we test them, enabling swift changes.

Fenoz’s Functional modules: elevate digital forensic investigations

We create SCSs to create scalability and make our digital forensic investigation platform robust and reliable. SCSs, yet, are not visible to the users of the system. For the users, the system is a set of modules where each represents a specific group of functions. We call these modules ‘Functional modules’. Several functional modules are developed in Fenoz. These are created to help digital forensic investigators to empower their CSAM investigations. The functional modules in Fenoz are:

  1. Team manager (create, change, and delete a team. Add, remove team members; assign and retract roles).
  2. Case manager (create, change, delete, open, clone, archive, import and export a case)
  3. Match set manager (add, remove, import and export match sets, resolve quality, and more)
  4. AI trainer (compose training sets, train classifiers, etc.)
  5. Evidence manager (make a forensic copy, extract items, add and remove digital forensic evidence, etc.)
  6. Item processor (exact matching and fuzzy matching. Indexing/feature extraction/summary / EXIF. AI classifier, fake detection, face detection/face grouping and matching)
  7. Forensic / Investigative Workspaces (classify items. Investigate, prioritize, filter, add, change, and remove victims or perpetrators)
  8. Reporting Services (report perpetrator, victim, item, case, etc.)
  9. Management/planning dashboard (plan dates, assign cases to teams, present analytics, statistics, etc.)
  10. Third-party connectivity (integration of I-Care interface, external classifiers, or functionalities)
  11. System administrator (maintain group policies, and storage locations; configure scalability, alerts, scoring modules)
The next generation CSAM Investigations software Fenoz is Cloud-ready! With Fenoz, digital forensic investigators can conduct Image forensics and video forensic analysis faster. Web-based technology

To create Fenoz, we’ve used web-based technologies. These technologies work on any platform, whether it’s online or on local systems. These web-based tools enable us to provide a scalable digital forensic investigation platform.

The internet has always been based on scalability. It can process large amounts of data and handle large numbers of users. These technologies help Fenoz grow without limits. No matter how big digital forensic investigation cases get, Fenoz can handle it all.

Smooth CSAM image forensics and forensic video analysis

Fenoz’s browser-based web technology makes Fenoz extremely scalable. The new architecture made it possible to enhance its user interface. Consequently, image forensics and forensic video analysis can run smoother.

Even if it’s a browser-based web architecture, digital forensic investigators don’t need to link their systems to the internet. A web server running the platform can be implemented within the customer’s network. This way, single-user versions can enable a web server on a single computer.


We’re ready for the future of digital forensic investigations

By using browser-based web techniques, we are ready for the future. In case some of our customers will want to move Fenoz to the cloud (private or public), the transition will be smooth.

A benefit of browser-based web technology is that it will make it easier for more users to work together. There is a central server that hosts the application. Everyone with access via a browser to that server can work on cases.

Fenoz’s Web-based technology further facilitates collaborative image forensics and
forensic video analysis.

Use Fenoz Smart filtering and AI classifiers

Fenoz allows you to promptly conduct image forensics and forensic video analysis. It enables you to sift through images, classify them, and find the material that matters.

We make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed up the classification of material. In Fenoz, we are building several AI classifiers. These are text, image, and video classifiers. But also face detection algorithms and file system structure classifiers. Users can also integrate third-party classifiers and custom-specific classifiers.

Make CSAM investigations easier with Fenoz

With advanced AI, we want to make CSAM investigation easier. We aim to improve the accuracy and rate of detection of unknown CSAM by:

  • Creating a granular classifier for CSAM using international standards.
  • Creating an AI classifier for faces to find similar faces
  • Creating the possibility of using the developed classifiers on video
  • Install third-party deep fake detection when available

We enable victim identification specialists to search within cases based on visual content.

Process digital forensic investigations efficiently with Fenoz

In most cases, the outcome of an AI classifier is a level of certainty. For instance, the likelihood that an image or video contains CSAM. Users can use this likelihood to sort the imagery. So, they can look at the material with the highest likelihood first.

Within Fenoz, AI is not used to automatically classify material or take over human tasks. AI is a tool that supports CSAM investigation. It empowers users to process digital forensic cases efficiently, leaving the user in control.


Fast CSAM image forensics and forensic video analysis

We use smart filtering to easily combine different filters and reach a desired subset of files. Fenoz displayed the filtering results extremely fast. This makes it possible for our users to create their workflow. So, they can conduct image forensics and video forensic analysis as fast as possible. For example, filtering on all small images first usually results in a set of images that isn’t CSAM material. The user can quickly scroll through the result set to verify that it isn’t CSAM. Then, the user can classify the entire set as non-relevant with one button click. Combining many filters enables these subsets to be even more precise.