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Fenoz Image: The future of image forensics in CSAM investigation

Dominique van Aalten

Marketing Specialist

As the number of CSAM cases and their materials keep growing, CSAM investigations and image forensics have become ever more taxing. That is why we are proud to announce the development of Fenoz. A groundbreaking solution in digital forensic investigation, built on decades of experience. Fenoz is quickly becoming a powerful platform that can process unlimited amounts of data at extremely high speeds. The development team works together with users and experts in the field to create the best tools, allowing Fenoz to grow into an outstanding CSAM investigation platform. And it is better than we could ever have imagined. And now we can finally bring the first module to you: Fenoz Image.


CSAM investigation with robust tools

With Fenoz Image, the first of an incredible array of tools is at your fingertips. It showcases the highly intuitive user interface of Fenoz, letting you get to work in no time at all. An interface that all Fenoz tools share, which means that any future modules will be easy to adapt to. From Fenoz Video to hash management and more. All created to combine into a complete digital forensic investigation suite. And to start with a bang, Fenoz Image will give you all the image forensics tools you’ll need in a CSAM investigation.


Empowering investigators

Fenoz Image, as the name suggests, is a powerful tool in image forensics. Our area of expertise lies in CSAM investigation. However, the ability to analyze infinite amounts of visual data supports investigations in various fields. From abuse investigations to counterterrorism. Fenoz Image is flexible and can be adapted for any investigative use. And as Fenoz grows to its full potential, the number of applications for Fenoz will only increase.


AI as an ally in CSAM investigation

Fenoz Image’s tools are built on more than image data. The platform includes extensive AI integration to back it up. Fenoz features its own AI that can be hand-trained to empower any fight. But the platform will also allow users to connect their own AI systems. This ensures that the virtual brains behind the program are not just capable but also easily adapted to your individual needs. Joining forces between users and AI makes Fenoz more than the sum of its parts.


Truly limitless image forensics

As the number of CSAM investigations and their associated materials continue to grow, tools need to be fast and reliable. Not only now, but also in the future. The exponential increase in cases hasn’t slowed down, so Fenoz helps you to speed up. We need tools that allow investigators to fly through investigations without missing a beat. Fenoz Image will let you do exactly that. Its design allows for countless images to be analyzed at rapid speeds. How? Through extensive filters, AI implementation, intuitive user interfaces, collaboration features, and more.

Fenoz Image showcased, displaying its capabilities in forensic video analysis and image forensics

The full capabilities of Fenoz Image

Fenoz Image contains all the functions you’re used to and more. Labeling and sorting, filtering and prioritizing – just to name a few. Sift through images, classify them, and find the material that matters. You’ll be able to work as you always have, and Fenoz Image will make it easier. But it can also help you do even more. Additional information, like metadata, is easily accessible. The flexibility of the platform lets you tailor the interface to your preferences. On top of that, it includes more filter options than ever before. Especially with added AI systems. While working, the platform allows multi-screen use and personalized key bind so you can work right how you need to. We want you to be able to get to the bottom of it quickly because we know it matters.


Reveal vital information

One of the new capabilities of Fenoz Image, is its ability to easily add vital information to any CSAM investigation. Memos and custom labels allow investigators to include information where it’s needed. From identifying known victims to pointing out specifics. Offenders are found faster, and victims are saved. But that’s only the beginning. The true effects will come to fruition in Fenoz’s reporting capabilities. Memos and labels can be included anywhere, from shared cases to customizable reports. This way vital information always ends up exactly where it’s needed.


From Fenoz Image to greater heights

As the Fenoz suite is developed, Fenoz Image’s full potential will truly come to light. Its connection to future modules improves the workflow and allows CSAM investigations to be executed quickly and efficiently. Some of the future capabilities of Fenoz are:

  • Face recognition
  • AI generated CSAM detection
  • Concept search (typing enabled)
  • Object recognition
  • Age and gender classification
  • And more…

All integrated in intuitive workspaces. Fenoz builds an incredible foundation. The Fenoz modules slot together effortlessly, so investigators can do everything they need in the same interface. No need to wait or slow down.


More than support

One of the things we’re most proud of at ZiuZ is our close bond of trust we build with users. All versions of Fenoz include personal support, whether it be online or in-person. Our experienced consultants are ready to provide support. They assist with installation, user questions, updating, and requests for change. By advising stakeholders on how to best implement our systems, you get exactly what you need. Not just now, always.


The new future of CSAM investigation

As Fenoz is developed, new modules will be released regularly. Our mission is to empower CSAM investigators with the best tools we can make. From reliable image forensics to efficient forensic video analysis. As our development teams work on these modules, they regularly check in and consult with customers. Additionally, we use input from experts in the field to gain new perspectives and keep an eye on what the future holds. This way we know what is needed to shape the future of CSAM investigation.


Join our fight against CSAM

Your input is invaluable. As we develop Fenoz your ideas can make a world of difference. Our decades of experience provide a strong foundation, but only you truly know what you need. That is why we want to invite you to share any input or ideas about Fenoz with us. You can even join us in testing the future modules in their demo phase. That way we will make sure that Fenoz is the true future of CSAM investigations, together. It is time to join forces in the fight against CSAM.

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