VizX2 Datacenter

1-100 users | Cross-team collaboration | AD Connection

Our solution for large teams of investigators. The Vizx2 datacenter makes case-level collaboration possible. It enables up to 100 users spread over different departments, regions, states, or countries to work together on multiple forensic cases to process and classify large quantities of images and videos. Advanced technology is used to rapidly process footage and derive intelligence from visuals such as faces, concepts and objects.

Main features

  • Hash Matching

    The hash matching technology integrated into Vizx2 enables users to filter known material.

  • EXIF Information

    EXIF information such as geolocation, camera type, and file size are detected in VizX2.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI modules are available to enable investigators to find certain kinds of images based on a large number of general themes.

  • Classifying

    Create your personalized labels to categorize images and videos with a limited number of mouse clicks and keystrokes (e.g. CSAM)

  • Carving

    Retrieve files that were deleted or damaged.

  • Reporting

    Create a report containing the classified material and send it to the public prosecutor. Personalized options for reporting are available.

  • Filter, Search, Sort

    Several smart filters are at your disposal to either find the relevant material or to get rid of irrelevant material as fast as possible.

  • Face Detection

    Vizx2 enables you to identify images that contain facial features.

  • User Management Module

    It enables investigators to manage the access to functions and cases for every user. It's also possible to synchronize User Management with the AD groups in your system.


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Why VizX Datacenter?


  • Process large amounts of visual data in a fast, structured and efficient manner

    Vizx2 allows you to analyze terabytes of visual data very quickly. The smart filter and sorting tools, hash-matching mechanisms and artificial intelligence modules help you to cope with large amounts of images and videos in a fast, structured, and efficient way.

  • No specific technical knowledge required

    We developed Vizx2 in close collaboration with Law Enforcement Agencies, to accommodate their specific wants and needs. The intuitive interface provides a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

  • Dedicated Support

    We want your experience with Vizx2 to be as convenient as possible. We provide instructions, training material and tutorial videos. When necessary, our traveling support team will work with you, side by side.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about VizX Datacenter? Check out our FAQ first.

Please contact us for specific information about the hardware requirements for Vizx2 Datacenter.

VizX2 Datacenter typically runs in a (virtualized) datacenter setting and allows for 100+ users to access the same system and work on cases simultaneously. VizX2 Datacenter can be connected to a central AD, meaning that user rights can be easily configured.

VizX2 Datacenter is typically used by large teams of investigators. It enables up to 100 users spread over different departments, regions, states, or countries to work together on multiple forensic cases to process and classify large quantities of images and videos.

Our customers' reviews

Find out what our customers think of VizX Datacenter

The Belgian Federal Judicial Police uses VizX for the analysis of large amounts of seized image material. The technical support provided by Ziuz is up to standard and is done within a more than reasonable timeframe. There are also regular updates in terms of content; these are always based, among other things, on our input as users. This forms a real added value for the application.
Yves Goethals Belgian Federal Judicial Police
ZiuZ has been a reliable partner for us through one major hardware upgrade and three major software rewrites of a platform. We greatly appreciate the flexibility and drive of the team to achieve the common goals.
Kalina Zografska INHOPE
Lightning-fast support for any questions and problems! Very good price and intuitive handling!
Colin Jörg Forentec
Since 2014 Ziuz has become our long-term trusted technology partner, developing and supporting the technology platforms that power the INHOPE network of Hotlines in combatting online CSAM.
Denton Howard INHOPE
Find the right version

VizX2 Platform

Vizx2 Icon Standalone RGB Black
VizX2 Standalone One user

For single investigators that handle cases on their own workstation

  • Features
  • One User
  • One Workstation
  • €795 per year
Vizx2 Icon Teamwork RGB Black
VizX2 Teamwork 2 - 20 users

For teams of investigators that want to work on cases simultaneously

  • Main features
  • 2 - 20 users
  • Central database
  • Work on cases simultaneously
Vizx2 Icon Datacenter RGB Black
VizX2 Datacenter 20 - 100+ users

For regions, states or even countries that want to process cases centrally

  • 20 - 100+ users
  • Central processing of cases
  • Collaboration between regions, states and countries