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We use Visual Intelligence technologies to help solve societal problems around the globe. That is the reason why ZiuZ was established in 2002 and why more than 60 employees passionately work day and night on their projects.

We are constantly looking for new technologies which we can use to develop new products and services. Not only the traditional pattern recognition and image analyses technologies, but also machine learning, deep learning artificial intelligence technologies and hyper spectral techniques. In this regard we work in close cooperation with several universities and research institutes, among others within the Dutch AI Coalition.

The used AI-techniques are forms of deep learning in which we use a variety of frameworks. Our expertise and experience enable us to optimize the neural networks in a way that the solution shows a better performance than is possible with standard networks and solutions. ZiuZ is capable to select the appropriate techniques as a basis dependent of the use case. ZiuZ pays attention to the interpretability of the realized algorithm and the successive iterations, keeping the necessary clinical validation in mind. We spent ample time on the datasets we use to train our algorithms and work intensively with authorities in the forensic and medical field. This does not only benefit the coverage and annotation of the datasets, but also prevents ‘algorithm bias’. It provides a solution for possible ethical questions that may arise. Regarding Artificial Intelligence based solutions ZiuZ endorses the Asilomar AI Principles. We uphold the principles of the European Economic and Social Committee.

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