PerfusiX Imaging Superpower


Imagine you could see blood perfusion during laparoscopic surgery.

Perfusion assessment with an intraoperative imaging device. Blood flow or perfusion/ischemia is important for surgical decision making especially in the creation of anastomoses where well-perfused tissue is a prerequisite for success. Unfortunately, surgeons are not always able to distinguish perfusion reliably by the eye in tissue during surgery. The current risk for anastomotic leakage in colon surgery is 8-10 percent 1and in esophageal resections up to 25 percent 2. The implications are enormous for the patients who can be seriously limited in their quality of life and may even die. Anastomotic leakages also have consequences for hospitals and surgeons, hospitals may spend thousands of dollars in IC costs. What if you could see perfusion at the surface of tissues and organs?

What if you can get superhero vision?

Dollar Sign Solid


Economy impact per Anastomotic leakage3

Scalpel Line Dashed Solid 1

1 in 5

Surgeons indicated a change in the location of the anastomosis4

Repeat Solid 1


measurements added only 2.5 minutes4

Perfusix-Imaging is designed to provide confidence to select the optimal site for the anastomosis. We conducted research to prove the effectiveness of our device in clinical decision-making. You can find the positive outcomes here.


Why is Perfusix-Imaging superior to current techniques?

  • Repeatable use

    Assessments can be done in every phase of the procedure.

  • Dye free

    No injections, no waiting on the in-flow.

  • Hardware independent

    PerfusiX-Imaging fits in every stack.

  • No changes in scope handling

    The device is part of the video stack.

  • No waste

    From single use materials or injectables.

Bowel Resection Surgery Perfusion assessment with laser Speckle contrast imaging

Case Studies of PerfusiX-Imaging


On May 30th, a demonstration of PerfusiX-Imaging took place at the MUMC+ hospital in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

A distinguished group of renowned surgeons, including Prof. Luigi Boni, Prof. Manish Chand MD MBA PhD, Prof. Adrian park, Prof. Laurents Stassen, Dr. Kevin Wevers, Dr. Mahdi Al-Taher, and Dr. Tim Lubbers, joined forces at the laboratory of Prof. Nicole Bouvy together with the innovative teams at LIMIS and ZiuZ Medical Imaging. The objective? To pioneer the use of our PerfusiX-Imaging Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging device, revolutionizing the field of perfusion imaging. This gathering marked the demonstration of laser-enhanced assessment of blood perfusion, an exciting advancement in surgical technology. Together, these thought leaders tried out our dye-free blood perfusion assessment, providing invaluable support for critical decisions regarding the optimal location of anastomosis in gastrointestinal surgery. LIMIS and ZiuZ take great pride in collaborating with such esteemed professionals, who are leading the way in advancing the laser speckle contrast imaging technology.

ZiuZ ISO 13485 certificate      FDA certificate and CE marking in progress


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Conducting research: We are open to studies related to PerfusiX-Imaging