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Pharma Automation

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About ZiuZ Pharma Automation

ZiuZ helps pharmacies worldwide to make their Automatic Dose Dispensing (ADD) process safer. Our solutions facilitate large volume blister centers as well as hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies and Long-Term Care facilities. Our products are designed to facilitate the fast and error-free production of medicine bags. Our services help optimize the use of checking devices within the ADD process.




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Patient safety by technology

Using 13 parameters within our color and near infrared (NIR) image analysis technologies, we ensure an extremely accurate examination of the content of each bag. By using smart lighting solutions and intelligent algorithms, we deliver the highest accuracy of medication recognition. Even with difficult medicines and capsules and in situations with broken medicines or crumbs.

Case study

Over 550 pharmacies in 19 countries rely on the solutions and products ZiuZ Pharma Automation provides to make medicine dispensing more safe. Our casestudies show some of them.

ZiuZ IRIS at Tjongerschans Hospital

ZiuZ IRIS has been running since 2016 at the hospital pharmacy at Tjongerschans Hospital in Heerenveen. With its small footprint and ease of use, IRIS is the best solution for pouch checking in a compact hospital pharmacy.

Photon XT at SPITS Oosterwolde

Especially for the larger production locations, ZiuZ has developed Photon in collaboration with SPITS Oosterwolde. SPITS is a central distributor of prepackaged medicine bags and uses one ApolloZ and five Photon XT combinations.

Photon XT at Apotheek Voorzorg

Apotheek Voorzorg is specialized in developing custom packaging of medicines for patients. At Apotheek Voorzorg, over 2 million pills and capsules are processed into individual medication rolls. ZiuZ checks the content of every pouch.

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