ZiuZ Analytics

ZiuZ Analytics

ZiuZ Analytics uses data generated by your inspection device to monitor and improve the production of medication pouches. Multiple dashboards provide valuable information: the ‘True Alarm dashboard’ for example shows the reasons why specific pouches and medication have failed and which medication contributes to specific errors. In this way, ZiuZ Analytics provides you with detailed insight on what steps to take to optimize your process even further. ZiuZ Analytics is also able to pro-actively alert you when a situation demands your immediate response. It also generates an overview of medication that performs subpar and provides you with suggestions on how to solve these problems.

ZiuZ Analytics helps increasing efficiency and is the tool for continuous improvement of the medication dispensing process.


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What if every ZiuZ inspection device user, always gets the most out of their product? And has access to the most up-to-date data analytics and knowhow to increase patient safety, optimize performance, and reduce costs?