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The next generation IRIS: IRISG2


ZiuZ IRISG2 is a compact tabletop machine for checking medication pouches at a speed up to 5000 pouches per hour. It operates with full colour and near infra-red (NIR) image analysis based on 13 parameters. All images taken of the pouches are archived for easy retrieval in case of a complaint or question. An audit trail is kept for process optimization and action accountability. ZiuZ IRIS supports a multi-user environment for optimal pharmacy configuration, making it possible to separate the checking and correction process.

The reference database can be easily built by several methods of input like using production images. The compact size of IRIS allows it to be used in even the tiniest pouch packaging pharmacies. IRIS can be used with a reel arm to handle bigger batches of pouches that are spooled on a reel. IRIS can also be equipped with a Corrector that takes a perfect picture of the correction that will be stored as evidence.

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ZiuZ IRIS in action!

Watch the video to see the intuitive use of the ZiuZ IRIS at a pouch packaging pharmacy.