The software platform that ties everything together

ZiuZ MedInspect

ZiuZ MedInspect is the workflow software platform for all ZiuZ’ pouch checking devices. MedInspect provides a complete and detailed overview of your pouch inspecting process. A clear overview of all the batches, pouches and potential alarms is presented to the user. MedInspect helps improve patient safety by presenting all pouch information clearly and conveniently. MedInspect enhances the images for better human viewing and identifies the alarmed pouches. Types of errors, like one square millimeter crumbs, are visible. It provides detailed insight to optimize the pouch checking process and helps to increase efficiency.

MedInspect can work in conjunction with ApolloZ, IRIS, and Photon. The pouch correction section and ZiuZ Analytics are integrated into MedInspect and give access via the indicated tabs in the software.


Reference Optimizer
Pouch history
Audit trail
Dual-screen viewing mode
Build-in fail-saves
Central database


An introduction to MedInspect

Get to know MedInspect and its essential features.