Forensic Investigation | 26.09.19 | minute(s) reading time
VizX2 NCMEC Module

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

Law enforcement agencies receive a rapidly growing number of NCMEC reports on online child sexual abuse material. These so-called NCMEC reports are labor intensive to process. Investigators must review each report individually, sometimes even having to view the images in a single report one by one. To prevent investigators from having to view the same disturbing images over and over again, and to free up investigators’ time to actually catch perpetrators, ZiuZ has developed a NCMEC Module for VizX2.

The VizX2 NCMEC module allows LEA to automatically feed multiple NCMEC reports in VizX2 at once. The investigator can then use existing VizX2 functionality to analyze and categorize all the images and videos from the reports. There’s no need to switch between reports, all the images and videos in the reports that haven’t been classified yet, are shown in a single overview. The system knows which files belong to which report. Should a file pop up in multiple reports within a user-defined timeframe, it is given a “Viral classification”. A lot of people have shared the image, making it nearly impossible to identify the original source of the material. Priority should be given to new and unknown material as it could lead to hands-on abusers or active sharers. Based on the classifications of the individual files in the report, a classification is given to the NCMEC report itself. The investigator can then indicate which reports should be exported and which ones are deemed irrelevant. The NCMEC module generates an enriched NCMEC report and an XML file which can be fed into the next system.


Do you feel the NCMEC module could be of added value to your organization? Feel free to get in touch for more information or for requesting a trial version.

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