Forensic Investigation | 20.07.22 | minute(s) reading time
Vizx 2.9 has just been released!

Elena Colotti

Marketing Specialist

What to expect in this latest release? A remarkable increase in performance!


To improve the evidence uploading process, the automatic “ZZ40 near duplicates” now makes a calculation after each piece of evidence is added and compares each piece of evidence to the ones previously added. Manually starting the calculations after all evidence has been added saves a great deal of processing time.


Besides, the speed of importing Project VIC files has also improved by removing the redundant file exist check option.


The processing performance isn’t the only feature that we have enhanced in this new release. In fact, an increase in speed while working with Vizx2 Image can now be experienced. Thanks to a newly designated codex to display the images, the zoom viewer will also be able to support incredibly heavy images. Besides, the image grid works a lot faster and the “out-of-memory exceptions” are now a thing of the past.


In addition to the above-mentioned changes, we have developed new functionalities within the Reporting module that have a positive impact on report accessibility and customizability. As an example, users are now able to sort items in a report based on labels through the option “Group images and/or videos by Label”.


Most of our customers have already started experiencing the benefits of the new release.


What are you waiting for? Reach out to our support department and get the download link.


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