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AviaTor: the First Prototype

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

AviaTor, which stands for Augmented Visual Intelligence and Targeted Online Research, has developed in just 12 months from a research project into a working prototype today. Using expert insight gained from extensive interviews with the Dutch and Belgian police it was possible to establish how best to process NCMEC referrals.


The National Police of the Netherlands have been using the AviaTor prototype tool since December 2019, and the Belgian Federal Police have been using the first version since January 2020. Both LEAs are very pleased with the progress made so far:


“More effective police time and an increase in capacity means more cases handled, more victims rescued, and more offenders caught.”

– Jaap van Oss, Senior Specialist Cybercrime – Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit.


“AviaTor is a tool that is being built for the future.”

– Yves Goethals, Judicial Commissioner with the Belgian Federal Police.


Continuously evolving, the tool is being refined through a process of development, integration and delivery. This testing period is crucial to ensuring the value and success of the project going forward. The roadmap is defined where there is a good mix of adding new functionality to combine processing images and videos, an Artificial Intelligence classifier to prioritize, online targeted research to help with establishing the priority as well as providing a workflow to handle all reports. At this moment, there are 13 other LEAs interested in testing the tool.


The AviaTor Project is funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund – Police, if you are an LEA representative and are interested in learning more about this project and would like to engage with our partners, please contact us by sending an email to

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