Forensic Investigation | 03.03.20 | minute(s) reading time
VizX2 in the Data Centre

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

When VizX2 was released in 2012, the software was installed mainly in closed environments. Physical servers with physical clients were used, there was no virtualization yet. As the number of cases and the size of these cases grew, detectives had to work together more, and more efficiently. The physical servers were heavily equipped to handle the ever-growing amount of data and teams were expanded to classify all the material. We are now on the eve of the next technological revolution: the use of data centres.


Two major customers of ZiuZ are currently engaged in equipping a central data centre. VizX2 will run in these central data centres, alongside many other tools. Where regional units formerly read in and processed cases on their own system, they will now be connected to the central data centre. This allows both employees and hardware to be deployed more efficiently. The data centre allows roughly two different methods, either the regions read in the image material itself and are also responsible for the categorisation, or a central unit reads in all the image material, categorises the images and videos and then returns the results to the regions for further follow-up.


Where previously up to 10 users were connected with the teamwork server, this will now be more than 100. Furthermore, all the evidence from the regions will be processed as efficiently as possible, so that there will be a need to add additional accelerators. To work with VizX2 on this scale, ZiuZ has already implemented the necessary changes and also in the coming versions, specific attention will be paid to this. If you want to learn more about VizX2 in the data centre, contact us.

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