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How can we accommodate VizX2 Professional users?

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

A confiscated PC. Thousands, if not millions of images and videos. Vacation pictures, home videos of birthday parties, system icons and internet memes. All innocent material. But there is a chance of there being illegal material among all those innocent photos and videos, such as a photo or video depicting the abuse of a child. That one photo or video can lead to the child in question being freed, robbing the perpetrator of the chance to claim more victims. It is the task of vice detectives worldwide to find that one crucial photo or video. But where to start?


VizX2 Professional provides vice detectives with the tools to do a targeted search for that one image or video. The programme can easily be installed on a single work station. The detective can enter a case on the dashboard and then add evidence. When the detective has uploaded a hash list and assigned a certain classification, then material that is already available is also automatically classified. But then the real work starts: classifying the residual images and videos, which can run up into the thousands. With a number of smart filters and tools, the detective can quickly ‘classify away’ the irrelevant material so that only the illegal material remains. The detective can also use the Artificial Intelligence module Cortado to look for the needle in the haystack. With Cortado, the user can look for certain themes in the pictures, like “no people”, “ammo” or “trees”. With the separately available Cortado trainer, the detective can create themes which can then also be shared with colleagues.


Once all the material is classified, the vice detective generates a report. That report can be used by the prosecutor in a case with the final goal of putting the perpetrator behind bars.


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