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Introducing ZiuZ Forensic Investigation’s new EVP: Cor Mulder

Elena Colotti

Marketing Specialist

ZiuZ Forensic Investigation has appointed Cor Mulder as its new Executive VP.

Effective 12th of March 2023, Jos Flury stepped down as Executive VP of ZiuZ Forensic Investigation. This marks the beginning of a new era for ZiuZ Forensic Investigation that saw its previous Account and Marketing Manager becoming responsible for the Business Unit.


Jos Flury will still play a major role in the company and will remain the leading influence in the coordination of international projects. After 10 years as Executive VP of ZiuZ Forensic, Jos has transitioned to the role of Project Executive, effective March 13, in support of a smooth transition.


“I have been working very closely with Cor over the past year to prepare for this transition. I am fully confident that with Cor, ZiuZ FI will get the right captain at the helm with a strong focus on the development of our new product suite.”


About Cor

Driven by innovation, Cor has the mission to make ZiuZ Forensic Investigation technologies available to worldwide police forces and investigators to eradicate CSAM. He has spent 9 years managing the marketing activities of the Holding company and directing sales in the German-speaking markets for ZiuZ Forensic.


“I am proud and honoured to take over from Jos as business unit manager and look forward to a successful future for ZiuZ Forensic Investigation in which we will continue to contribute to the fight against child (sexual) abuse and other types of crimes.”


His breadth of expertise in the forensic market and in the company’s history and developments has led Cor to become the leader of the Forensic Investigation business unit in the next bright, yet challenging new chapter.

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