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VizX 2.8.1 new release

Elena Colotti

Marketing Specialist

New Customer Requests for Changes have been analyzed, discussed, and implemented, enabling ZiuZ Forensic to release a new VizX version: VizX 2.8.1. The new VizX not only offers solutions to tackle the issues that clients have been facing during the past months, but it also proposes new functionalities, features, and opportunities for VizX users to yet further optimize their working process within VizX.


The new release brings a host of new features. Among the most significant ones for our users, VizX 2.8.1 allows for SHA256 hash calculation, ensures clarity when creating reports for multi-part files (GIFs or PDFs), enables report splitting, and it allows multitrack video identification. As several more changes have been realized, feel free to contact our sales department to get a complete understanding of the new release’s features.


Let’s take a detailed look at the main new functionalities comprised in VizX 2.8.1.



New multi-part files reporting feature

Multi-part files are files that are made up of several parts, such as animated GIFs and multi-page PDF files. VizX2 breaks down these multi-part files and creates an image of each frame for animated GIFs and for PDF files. In this way, individual frames can be classified, making it possible to give each individual frame a different classification.


The new multi-part files report includes a report section dedicated to multi-part files only and a clearer and more detailed representation of the multi-part files. The previous report functionality displayed the frames of images in the section together with the single-part (normal) images, which often led to confusion while assessing a case. In the new setup, a choice can be made to create a separate section within the report to display the multi-part images. For each classification, the multi-part images are displayed with the original file and the frames belonging to that file are grouped together. Frames that are not classified will not be displayed; the number of frames that make up the multi-part frame will still be visible.


Overall, the new multi-part file report functionality gives the flexibility to decide whether to classify the images only or also the frames that are contained in the picture. Furthermore, it ensures clarity, reducing the error margin in report interpretation.



Splitting the reports

In VizX 2.8.1, users now have the option to split the report, when needed. This feature was widely requested by customers who often deal with a large number of images and videos. Splitting reports to reduce the report size prevents reporting from crashing or from not displaying images.



SHA256 calculator

Whereas before, only MD5 and SHA1 hashes were calculated, with VizX 2.8.1 it is now possible to calculate SHA256 hashes and to add them to the report. This feature can come in handy with investigations that incorporate the analysis and classification of WhatsApp images and videos.



Multitrack videos

Videos that contain more than one video track are often a red flag for investigators, as perpetrators can hide videos that contain child abuse material in other videos (main video track). In this new release, a new “Video Streams” column has been added to the Explorer tab of VizXVideo, enabling investigators and LEAs to identify immediately whether a video has more than one video track.


LEAs who are interested in this functionality can add this column manually by right-mouse clicking on a video column and selecting “Choose columns” to enable the Video Streams column.



If you are interested in finding out more about VizX 2.8.1 and its other functionalities, do not hesitate to get in touch with us., +31 (0)513 46 00 80.

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