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Aviator Phase 2

Elena Colotti

Marketing Specialist

We are thrilled to announce that the AviaTor project has launched phase 2.


AviaTor aims at developing automation and intelligence tools to greatly reduce the time spent by LEAs in processing, assessing and prioritizing NCMEC reports. These tools combine artificial intelligence techniques with targeted online research for open source intelligence.


In this new phase Timelex, a Belgian Law firm, will join the AviaTor consortium with INHOPE, Web-IQ, DFKI, and the Dutch and Belgian police. Timelex will advise the partners on the legal instruments required for an effective collaboration in the project as well as with external partners.


Timelex will also carry out a legal review that addresses the challenges of using personal data, artificial intelligence and OSINT in police investigations and international collaboration between project partners.


While AviaTor phase 1 was about tool development, testing and upgrading, AviaTor Phase 2 will focus on further improving the AviaTor system by:

  • Creating an AI classifier for text analysis
  • Creating a more granular CSAM classifier and applying this classifier to video also
  • Creating face detection and grouping
  • More advanced targeted online research
  • Making AviaTor functionally complete and implementing new user requirements


AviaTor Phase 2 started in September 2021 and will run for 36 months. Since law enforcement agencies are facing a huge challenge to tackle cybercrimes of this nature, we cordially invite all LEAs interested in collaborating on the AviaTor project to get in touch with us or our partners.


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