Forensic Investigation | 26.09.19 | minute(s) reading time
VizX2 2.7.0

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

We are proud to announce the release of VizX2 Version 2.7.0. Based on the input of our customers, this release was all about improving the video processing component of VizX2.


Although we were already able to process most of the videos that were fed into VizX2, a considerable number of videos still ended up under the error tab. We found that quite a lot of these videos were not being processed by our current video decoding solutions and therefore we added an additional video decoding library to our video processing component. What’s more, we have updated many of our processing libraries and improved the database access strategy in order to make the whole process more efficient and thus faster and more reliable. We are encouraged by the results of the improved video processing component and hope VizX2 users will feel the same way!


So as you can see, a lot of work has gone into improving the internals. However, we have also improved VizXVideo itself. For instance, most of the video player controls that were already available in the Quickviewer, are now also available in the Analyzer. This ensures that users can operate both components in a consistent manner.


If you have a Maintenance and Support contract with ZiuZ, our Support Department will get in touch with you in the short-term to provide you with VizX2 Version 2.7.0 and the relevant documentation. If you would like to try out VizX2 or if you would like to receive more detailed information about the product, please visit the VizX2-page or get in touch.

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