Forensic Investigation | 21.07.22 | minute(s) reading time
New product development: Status Update

Elena Colotti

Marketing Specialist

As most of you know, ZiuZ Forensic is well on its way to develop a new software suite, which will replace Vizx2 in the future. ZiuZ Forensic and its customers are working together to build the new platform according to our customers’ wishes.


In the past quarter, we’ve launched the Vizx Forum which has now been joined by 90 current Vizx2 users! The forum aims at building a virtual dialogue with European Law enforcement Agencies and private investigators to keep them updated on new developments and gather users’ requirements. In this way, we will be able to create new tailored-made functionalities and make sure that the product is customized to the work processes of our end users.


In terms of progress, Vizx2 Product Manager, Wieger Jonker has shed light on the current development status. “We’re making good progress with the development of the new platform” he says. At the moment, the team has been working on the Audio and Image modules. While the audio functionalities are almost completed, the developments on the image module are still ongoing.


“The plan is to first implement Vizx image and audio”, clarifies Wieger, “In a way that the new modules can be deployed next to VizX2.”


Next on the “Roadmap” will be the development of a new Video module. Stay tuned for more information on this to come!


If you wish to help create the new ZiuZ Forensic software platform by joining the Vizx forum, reach out to your account manager.

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