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The AviaTor Project

The AviaTor (Augmented Visual Intelligence and Targeted Online Research) project aims at developing automation and intelligence tools to reduce the time Law Enforcement Agencies spend on processing, assessing and prioritizing NCMEC reports. These tools combine artificial
intelligence techniques with targeted online research for open-source intelligence.

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ICAMM Background


‘ICCAM’ (I C Child Abuse Material) is used by 52 countries in the world to analyze public reports. It enhances the Hotlines’ capacity to match, identify and analyze CSAM. ‘ICCAM’ enables hotlines to classify the reported images and videos to filter out those that have been previously classified or already exist in police databases. If the investigated URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is hosted in a different country, the report will be forwarded to the respective Hotline in that country.

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ReportBox Background

Report Box

Starting Hotlines, which do not have the resources to participate in the ICCAM program, can use ‘ReportBox’ to let the public report CSAM through an online form. The hotlines can operate without having to create, operate, manage and maintain back-end systems.

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VizX2 Platform

Vizx2 Icon Datacenter RGB Black
VizX2 Datacenter 20 - 100+ users

For regions, states or even countries that want to process cases centrally

  • 20 - 100+ users
  • Central processing of cases
  • Collaboration between regions, states and countries
Vizx2 Icon Standalone RGB Black
VizX2 Standalone One user

For single investigators that handle cases on their own workstation

  • Features
  • One User
  • One Workstation
Vizx2 Icon Teamwork RGB Black
VizX2 Teamwork 2 - 20 users

For teams of investigators that want to work on cases simultaneously

  • Main features
  • 2 - 20 users
  • Central database
  • Work on cases simultaneously