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Responding to future trends

Bert Garlich


Launching ApolloZ is an important step for ZiuZ to take: we are not only launching a new technology platform that is a worthy successor to the Photon XT platform but one that is a completely new platform that will make it much easier for us to implement new software (MedInspect-related) or hardware-related functionalities more flexibly. And remember that this is on top of all the improvements that our ten years’ experience with Photon XT have already allowed us to make in terms of the platform’s speed, reliability and ease of use. 


ApolloZ’s introduction also demonstrates that ZiuZ is transforming itself into a fully-fledged manufacturing company, one in which we also assemble the hardware ourselves in our production hall in Gorredijk. This allows us to keep an even tighter grip on product quality and means we can be much more flexible in implementing any necessary changes at a later stage, even during the production process itself.


ApolloZ also means we are taking the next step in continuing to grow both our business and our market share, not just in terms of the number of machines we sell but also in making our patients even safer than before when they receive their medication on our clients’ premises. Our role as market leader puts us under constant pressure to stay ahead of our competitors, including in respect of new functionalities that further optimise our clients’ manufacturing processes for the medicine pouches they make. Apollo Z is another major step forwards in this respect, and one that again leaves our competitors trailing in our wake. Example: we alone offer the ZiuZ Analytics solution that generates a real-time dashboard that can also be used to identify potential performance improvements for every stage of the medicine pouch production process. Another competitive advantage we enjoy is that our ApolloZ platform is well-equipped for the future, including for the hyperspectral scanning of medicine pouches and for the measurement of pouch quality. Our clients and distributors naturally benefit from ZiuZ’s competitive edge too.


Over the past three years, our sizable team of specialists in both hardware and software has worked intensively on the development of both ApolloZ and the MedInspect software, a process for which we have also called in a number of product development, prototyping, field testing and certification experts. Now that our new baby is ready to launch, we are looking forward to the time when the first clients can start using ApolloZ. This is expected to be in two months’ time and you can rest assured that we won’t be letting this milestone go by unnoticed. In other words, you’ll be hearing from us again soon, including a lot more about our new baby ApolloZ!


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