Pharma Automation | 30.03.20 | minute(s) reading time
The next generation IRIS: IRISG2

Bart van der Voort van der Kleij

Product Manager

At ZiuZ development never stops, we have challenged ourselves to make ZiuZ IRIS, specially designed for retail, even faster. And proudly we can now present to you the next generation IRIS.


IRISG2 runs up to 5000 pouches per hour instead of 2000 pouches per hour on the previous version. This results in less waiting time when providing over the counter medication or providing medication to patients discharged from the hospital.


ZiuZ guarantees that the detection and matching algorithm still works perfectly and that the 2.5-time increase in speed will not do any concessions on patient safety. IRISG2 runs with the new release of IRIS Studio 2.3.2 which comes with a connection to the Corrector and introduces a multi-user environment for pharmacy process optimization.


The IRISG2 is now available, click here for more information.

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