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ZiuZ ApolloZ wins iF Design Award 2022

Bo Kimkes

Marketing Specialist

Together with Spark design & innovation, ZiuZ Medical has won an iF Design Award for ApolloZ. The next-generation medical checking and documentation device, developed by ZiuZ Medical and designed by Spark design & innovation, won in the category: Medicine/Health in the discipline ‘Product’. 


Since the launch of the Inspector and Photon devices, ZiuZ Medical has been the market leader in medical checking devices. ZiuZ’ solutions check the content of automatically-dispensed medication pouches based on 13 parameters such as shape, color, and size. ZiuZ IRIS has been specially developed for the smaller hospital pharmacies and won in 2017 an iF Gold Award. Photon and now also its successor ApolloZ are designed for handling the production of mid-to-high volume blister centers and the larger hospital pharmacies.


A pouch checking device in perfect balance is the outcome of ApolloZ’s intensive design process. Optimized productivity, improved patient safety, and next-level production speed enable pharmacists to do more in less time while reducing costs. With ApolloZ, every pharmacy is ready for the future.


About ZiuZ

ZiuZ is a leading innovative company in developing high-grade technology in the field of visual intelligence. ZiuZ products make a worldwide impact and contribute to solving issues relevant to society.


ZiuZ regularly introduces new, innovative products for health care institutions and police services. ZiuZ Medical develops products that check the content of automatically-dispensed medication pouches in hospitals and pharmacies. ZiuZ Forensic specializes in developing products that allow high volumes of child sexual abuse material to be analyzed quickly and efficiently.


About Spark design & innovation

Spark design & innovation is known for the innovative, meaningful, and often technically challenging products they develop for clients in the Netherlands and abroad, ranging from start-ups to multinationals. ‘We do this with our multidisciplinary team of talented designers in our innovation studio in Rotterdam. We inspire each other, challenge each other and thus constantly work to improve ourselves and Spark as a whole’ (Spark).


About iF Design 

For more than 60 years, the iF Design Award has been recognized as a hallmark of high quality, and outstanding design is one of the most important design awards in the world. The iF Design brand is recognized worldwide for outstanding design services. This year, a record number of 10,776 products and projects were registered for the iF Design Award 2022. In the first jury round, the iF Preselection, 5,426 submissions from 2,687 participants and 49 nations were selected for the iF Final Jury.

ApolloZ IF Award 3

More information about the iF Design Award can be found here:


For more product-related information about ApolloZ, please click here


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