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ZiuZ launches the IRIS!

Cor Mulder

Marketing Manager

Dispensing and taking incorrect medicine is a thing of the past!


The compact machine automatically checks the pouches of tablets and capsules for the correct content. Hospital nursing staff no longer have to sort out medicines or check them for the correct combinations. The process of preparing and dispensing medicines is checked fully digitally. Pharmacist Dick Bloemhof of Nij Smellinge hospital in Drachten helped to develop IRIS. ,,We are now even better able to dispense medicines quickly, reliably and at the right time,’’ he explains enthusiastically.


It is not that long ago that pharmacy assistants had to spend much of their day searching for pills and combining and packaging them correctly. Hospital pharmacist Dick Bloemhof is very enthusiastic about IRIS. In fact, he contributed to its development for the high-tech company ZIUZ based in Gorredijk. ,,Now that we have IRIS we can shift our focus from sorting medicines and filling boxes to giving advice and monitoring quality. And that is precisely what we should be doing in our profession.’’



IRIS is a compact machine with highly reliable modern technology that enables the content of medicine pouches to be checked quickly and safely. A medicine pouch controlled by IRIS contains exactly the right medication and amount that a patient requires at any given time. Bert Garlich, Medical Business Line Manager at ZiuZ in Gorredijk, knows from experience that hospitals that have to deal daily with many different and varying medications benefit greatly from the convenience and safety of medicine pouches. ,,Prior to dispensing we need to check the pouches thoroughly for the correct content. IRIS helps the pharmacist by carrying out this inspection process automatically with a highly sensitive precision camera. What’s more, a photo is stored of each pouch for later reference. In this way, pharmacists fully meet the ever stricter guidelines.’’


Large pharmacies in institutions and pharmacy chains have been using this technology for some time now and have used IRIS’s big brother Photon/InspectRx which can cope with large volumes of medicines at high speed. IRIS has been specially developed for smaller pharmacies and dispensing general practitioners. Garlich: ,,The same reliable quality control as Photon, but in a very compact machine and at an interesting price’’. This is echoed by Bloemhof who has been working with IRIS for six months now. ,,IRIS is value for money. Its price and performance are super, the machine is really inexpensive. This product is suitable for every type of medicine packaging machine.’’


IRIS has been extensively tested in the last few months at two pharmacies, including the hospital pharmacy of Nij Smellinge. IRIS will go into production after the summer. ZiuZ hopes that with IRIS it is able to help more pharmacies around the world. Garlich: ,, Not only to make their medicine dispensing even safer, but in particular to contribute to a more efficient and effective medicine management for patients.’’


Press Presentation

IRIS will be presented to the (trade) press and the medical world on Thursday 14 July 2016 between 16:00 and 17:30 at Variass Medical Systems located at Nipkowlaan 5 in Drachten, The Netherlands. In collaboration with production partner Variass Medical Systems, ZiuZ will ensure the new machine is sufficiently available immediately after the summer.



ZiuZ develops high-quality innovative products with visual technology that have a worldwide impact in helping to solve social problems. ZiuZ Medical develops products that can check the automated dispensing of medication in pharmacies and hospitals. ZiuZ Forensic develops products that can check large amounts of photo and video material for incriminating evidence and can condense many hours of video footage into just the crucial moments. In 2014 ZiuZ was named Frisian company of the year. The company regularly introduces new, innovative solutions for various bodies including police departments and healthcare institutions. ZiuZ is part of Drachten Innovation Cluster.


More information about IRIS and the product launch can be obtained from Bert Garlich via +31 651 337 305 or from ZIUZ, Stationsweg 3, 8400 AC Gorredijk. Telephone: +31 513 46 00 80.

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