Pharma Automation | 06.07.21 | minute(s) reading time
All process steps in a single platform

Bart van der Voort van der Kleij

Product Manager

As ZiuZ Medical grows into the future, we will launch MedInspect, our new pouch checking software platform. Our ever-growing portfolio of pouch checking devices exposed the need for a single platform to enable all of our users to maximize patient safety in an intuitive, secure and convenient way.


MedInspect will bring:

  • Pouch viewing: detailed pouch viewing software provides users with all information and tools to make the best judgment on medication content and pouch quality. MedInspect prevents user errors by assisting with intelligent solutions for monitoring progress during viewing.
  • Medication roll sorting: MedInspect provides easy and quick Scan & Sort functionality to select pouch rolls and divide them into error-free rolls and rolls that need manual correction. This speeds up the process of pouch correction and logistics while eliminating the risk of shipping erroneous medication rolls.
  • Pouch correction: Seamlessly integrated into MedInspect is the process of correcting pouches, making it simple and easy to generate images of manually corrected pouches. The entire history of all actions done on the pouches is always available. After correction, the changes can be checked and approved via MedInspect Correction & Check.
  • Statistics: MedInspect provides statistics on all processes supported in the suite. Dedicated Medication Statistics and overall pouch checking statistics are available for optimizing your pouch packaging- and checking process.
  • ZiuZ Analytics; MedInspect is prepared for visualizing the pouch checking analytics by showing ZiuZ analytics in a specific ZiuZ Analytics section. Click here for more information.


With the option to connect multiple ZiuZ checking systems and have multiple users work simultaneously, the MedInspect software platform is ready to serve our customers now and in the future to maximize patient safety.

MedInspect 01

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