Pharma Automation | 06.07.21 | minute(s) reading time
Double-checked pouches with ZiuZ Corrector

Bart van der Voort van der Kleij

Product Manager

To close the loop in your pouch checking process, ZiuZ developed CorrectorG2.


The final step in correcting erroneous pouches becomes a validated step in your pouch packaging process with CorrectorG2.


By creating high-quality image data of corrected pouches, evidence for patient safety is added to the picture database of your pouch checking device. The ergonomic click confirmation buttons on CorrectorG2 take the user through the correction process without the need for a mouse, keyboard, or foot pedal.


The correction software in MedInspect tracks and advises on the steps to take to maximize patient safety while correcting pouches by hand. Corrected pouches can be rechecked via the viewing software in MedInspect for confirmation by a second user.


By using the multi-user environment of MedInspect, it is now possible to organize the correction process anywhere in your pharmacy using a dedicated PC and barcode scanner.


By using ZiuZ CorrectorG2, you maximize patient safety by making sure that every pouch that leaves your facility is double-checked and safe to be served to your patients.


ZiuZ Corrector is compatible with the current software versions on Photon and IRIS.

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