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Hyperspectral imaging: ZiuZ solves the look-alike problem

Johan van Duijne

Product Manager ZiuZ Medical

Johan van Duijne has been working as a Product Manager at ZiuZ Medical since 2016. We asked him about his vision.


Johan, you have now been working for 3.5 years at ZiuZ, what is your biggest challenge in further improving patient safety?

I originally came from another industry, but which also used different types of vision technology. What strikes me at ZiuZ is that we have the most reliable and accurate vision technology in house for detecting and identifying pills. What remains is that we, and no one in this market, are able to distinguish two white pills of 10 mm from each other.


Is this something ZiuZ is currently preoccupied with?

ZiuZ Medical is not satisfied with the progress of the current technological developments in the market. Therefore, more than two years ago we presented this challenge internally to developers. We challenged the team to think about current or possible future technological developments in order to resolve this look-alike problem and offer this to pharmacies at an acceptable level of investment.


What is its status now?

We can now report with some pride that we have an in-house technology that can actually determine the identity of each pill. So this enables us to actually distinguish between those two round white pills of 10 mm in the production process. We do this by using hyperspectral imaging. This allows us to identify the individual fingerprint of each pill.


When can pharmacists expect to see hyperspectral imaging in a real product?

We have demonstrated this in a test set on more than 900 different medications. Meanwhile, hyperspectral imaging is so mature that it will be the basic component of all our new major product development in the next few years.

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