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MedInspect: the inspection workflow platform that ties everything together

Johan van Duijne

Product Manager

With the launch of ApolloZ, we also introduced the next-level inspection workflow software platform named MedInspect. MedInspect has been developed based on years of experience with the current Photon 1.x software, experience with IRIS Studio, and the input of numerous Photon and IRIS users.


Why did ZiuZ develop MedInspect?

The current Photon software has greatly evolved into the complete package that it is today over the past ten years. It helps many pharmacists, day in, day out, all around the globe, from midsize organizations up to the largest pharmacies, with securely checking more than 10 million pouches every day.


So, why develop a new software platform, and why now? The answer is simple. Over the past years, we have seen an increasing demand for new features that require a new software architecture. MedInspect answers those needs.


Keep what works best

We have done our utmost best to keep the best and most appreciated functionalities as is. Good examples are:

  • Dual-screen viewing mode.
  • Calendar view for trend analysis.
  • Reference optimization tooling like the Reference Optimizer (Reference Manager) and learning-on-the-fly.
  • Advanced correction support options.


Improve where possible

Many technical features and the user interface have significantly improved. A few examples:

  • Easy access to pouch history and audit trail, even if this concerns the production of months ago. Images of earlier runs of the same pouch can be seen. In fact, the whole ‘previous’ status of a batch can be restored via a single click of the mouse, as ‘read only’ information, to support detailed quality report investigations.
  • ZiuZ Analytics is embedded and can be accessed via a ‘Tab’ in MedInspect.
  • More options for customized medication and bag errors are added.
  • Updated fully configurable user management and user permissions. Make now as many user groups and permission groups as you wish.
  • A central database, making reruns more flexible.
  • New user interface design with more and easy-to-use options like showing ‘blob’ information.
  • MedInspect is called a platform. This means that IRIS, Photon, and ApolloZ can all work in conjunction.


Adding what will make the difference today and tomorrow

As said before, the purpose of the MedInspect development is to enable new key features. The development is already on its way and more information will follow throughout 2022.


A sneak preview of what’s on the horizon:

  • What if ApolloZ and MedInspect could check the print quality of a pouch?
  • What if you would get full inside into user performance, so balanced decisions about efficiency vs. risk for human errors can be made?
  • What if the software would be able to provide extra safeguards to help users prevent making mistakes?

These are just a few dreams that will become a reality soon.


I am a Photon user. What does MedInspect mean for me?

Your Photon 1.x software will be supported for many years to come. Your organization will be/has been informed about the details via an official letter. And it will be possible to migrate to MedInspect. However, since every situation is different, please contact your support partner to discuss the options.


I am an IRIS user. What does MedInspect mean for me?

The impact is limited. It will (has) come automatically with release 3.3.x. The name IRIS studio will disappear from the user interface and is replaced with MedInspect.



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